Rance 4.2 Release


Heya. Here’s 4.2.

Instructions are the same as 4.1’s.

32-bit download

64-bit download (also includes 4.1)



P.S.Taking a break from Rance translations right now to help out with GuyZoo’s GalZoo Island translation, so sorry, but don’t expect any more Rance releases anytime soon (at least from me).

21 thoughts on “Rance 4.2 Release

  1. how big of a game is this galzoo thing? Is it already partially done? if so how much is done? How many other translators are working on the series besides you?

    For a project like this to get past the council of leeching fans, you have to give a better explanation. Especially if its to replace our beloved Rance Translations.

    • Last Update from Guyzoo Guy was from December with 50% From what i can tell its a pretty Big Game thats why Maria decided to chip in. With them both working at it a Release should be Soon™

      (Also i think this is supposed to be a secret to Blog Only peasants but Maria is still translating a Rance Game)

  2. Thank you Maria ! Thank you for all the efforts ! We Rance fans appreciate it alot ! Thank you !
    GL with whatever you are doing !

  3. Hey,
    Its my first time here in the website.
    I tried to follow the instructions in 4.1 version but i don’t get it…. they are explained only partly…
    could some one please explain me how to use this patch?

  4. OMG OMG how nice that you will be working on Galzoo Island, that game is so much fun and I’ll bet that it will be so much better when I’ll actualy know what I’m doing. The story seems quite nice too so I really want to be able to understand it:) Thank you so much for your work on Galzoo Island:)

    Wish you the very best.

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