Rance 4.1 Release


Heya, it’s Maria.
Wow, it took a while, but I’m finally done with 4.1.

Now, Rance 4.1 is kind of an odd game in that it’s a 16-bit program for Windows 3.1, and when Microsoft made their 64-bit operating systems, they decided to remove support for running 16-bit programs.
So we’ve got two downloads, one for 32-bit systems and a Linux Virtual Machine for 64-bit systems.

Here are some handy instructions for ya:
Running on 32-bit operating systems: (Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit)
* Download this (includes readme)
* Extract it somewhere
* Install _inmm if you don’t already have it installed.
* Run Launcher.exe, not SYSTEM3.EXE.

Running on 64-bit operating systems:
* Download this (download readme separately because SLC forgot to include it)
* Download and install Oracle VirtualBox from
* Within VirtualBox, do “File > Import Appliance”
* Select the file “Rance41 VM.ova”

Hopefully 4.2 won’t take as long!

38 thoughts on “Rance 4.1 Release

  1. Running on 64-bit operating system:
    download readme with this Link is damaged

    I download before the other Version and can´t play it so I download the 64 bit now so I can see the difference from the Rance 4.1 readme.txt.

  2. i tried so many times, but it doesn’t work. When i put it to play it just appeared so many letters and numbers and i get a error mensage. How do i make it works. Glad if someone could reply.

  3. Game 64-bit

    I found out to get full screen (down the Game screen you have a task bar and you can change to full screen).

    The other problem is the game speed it is so low anybody know a solution/settings to make the Game faster?

  4. I thank you for your work! But I’m also having trouble with the game speed. It could just be my shitty computer but it seems that only Rance runs slow inside the VM. Anybody know how to get it to run at a normal speed?

  5. I got an error message when booting the virtual machine:
    Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!
    Pid: 0, comm: swapper Tainted: G D 3.0.25 #1

    I’m using the 64 bit version with virtualbox on a windows 7.
    i installed the virtual box extention to support usb 2.0.

    hope i can get some help with this problem.

  6. Thank you so much once again for the wonderful translations! Don’t feel bad if things go a bit slowly sometimes, without you, the English-speaking world at large might never get to enjoy these titles at all!

    You’re doing a great survive to the Internets, you wonderful people you!

  7. Thanks for the translation!
    about 4.1 and 4.2, long time ago I heard they were considered side stories and werent going to be translated (read this on other translation group), so I had lost faith that I would ever get to play it…… that was until you guys get the project! GREAT JOB! Thanks Maria and everybody from 2.0 Translations! You made my day!(not sure if this expression exists in english😄 oh well…..)

  8. Rance runs too slow on VirtualBox. It runs much faster using VMware Player and it IS possible to enable the sound. This is roughly what I did:

    1. Player > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings
    2. In the hardware tab click add and add your sound device.
    3. Restart the Rance VM.
    4. In the desktop, right clik > Setup > Utility > Multiple Sound Card Wizard. Choose the right card (I chose the first one).
    5. Restart the VM.
    6. At the bottom of the VM in the taskbar there should be a Winamp icon. Right click it > Options > Preferences > Output.
    7. I chose Output:default for both plugins. Don’t forget to click Apply and check enable.
    8. Next to the Winamp icon there should be a speaker icon. Right click it and choose Full Window. Check PCM and raise the volume.

  9. Got the same problem as the guy. Tried running the game as the instructions said and got a Kernel panic – not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task! thingie with a lot of other text. I’m on windows 8. Tried changing the sound options and usb 2.0 because they were showing an error, downloaded the extra thing from the site required for usb 2.0 and changed the sound option. no errors being shown now, but the game just won’t start, it seems to be starting up, i can see a screen that’s probably part of the game, but then it goes straight onto the command promnt screen with the error i mentioned and can’t do anything after that. Am i missing something?

    • For people with the same problem as me please reboot and check your bios to see if the VTX or VTM option is enabled. To be precise i found it under advanced>CPU configuration>Intel Virtualization technology. Enabled it and it worked. I also increased the base memory all the way till the end of the green zone under configuration>System>Motherboard. not sure if it has something to do with it, but once i did this i got an error that led me to check the bios and fix my problem. Getting some sound errors, but i’ll check the other comments to see if any of those help me:)

  10. 64bit version doesn’t work. Keeps saying I need a controller. I unchecked the controller box, and now I just get Kernal Panics.

    Might anyone be kind enough to show their preferences on the VirtualBox software that actually allows the game to work?

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  12. Could some on please help, I keep getting kernel panic, and kill idle task and I can’t fix it; pictures would be nice but if you can’t please just help me step by step.

  13. 64-bit system, VirtualBox runs like shit, no sound in VMware Player.
    Ended up “obtaining” a copy of Windows and created a 32-bit virtual machine. So much work. The things I do for Rance.

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