Rance IV -Legacy of the Sect- Release

Legacy of the Sect

It’s done!

Here’s Rance IV, pre-patched again (it’s a little bigger this time because of a music fix)!

I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated!

-Tulip Goddess Maria

67 thoughts on “Rance IV -Legacy of the Sect- Release

  1. Thank you for giving us non-japanese speaker a chance to play this amazing series. I can’t believe how solid the rules and lores in this game are. Makes me wonder if the renegade theme in The Mas* Effect series are actually derived from rance’s.

    Once again, thanks!!

  2. I think their might have been some consistency mistake in a couple of item translations. Trying to buy [Electric Shield] at item shop gives an error that ‘[Electric Shield] does not exist’ and you don’t get the shield. If you try reading save files, you can notice that there is [Lightning Shield] but no [Electric Shield].
    Something similar happens with [Magic Parsely] from Hanny Shop in West Tower. [Magic Parsely] does not exist, but you can find [Magic Parsley] in save files.

  3. Whoa! I spy Rance 4.1 at the top of the page. I was worried 4.1 and 4.2 would be completely looked over, which would be a royal shame since it introduced a few characters (most notably Genri). Nice to know that isn’t the case; thanks for giving these old games the attention they deserve :3

  4. Im only four hours into this, but im already impressed by the translation. Cant wait to play all of them chronologically! (but of course, the catalyst was Sengoku)
    Thanks so much for doing this, Rance’s character never fails to me laugh like a chimpanzee!

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