The Surprise Nobody Asked For – Little Princess Release

Little Princess

Before the Rance Series, there were two games featuring characters that would later appear in it. Little Princess and Little Vampire. The stars of these games were none other than Kentarou and Miki.

This is a game by Championsoft, a parent company that would eventually be succeeded by Alicesoft.
Little Princess is a game from 1987, it’s a classic adventure game that has the player make use of a text input system to progress.
Commands are input via a “verb noun” format, though there are some instances where you can simply type in a verb such as “look”.
Other game functions are explained in the readme, so I would suggest checking that out.

look tree

The player is thrust into the role of Kentarou, a character many of you may recognize from the games Kichikuou Rance and Sengoku Rance. Kentarou’s girlfriend Miki has been kidnapped and taken to another world by the nefarious Count Dracula (who would in later canon be retconned into Demon King Gi). It falls upon him to go and rescue her.
This game could be considered the initial framework of the Rance series, but many things were changed over time.

As this game was created before the establishment of the Rance series, there are a variety of elements that contradict current canon. Hirami Lemons are present in the game (though they’re called Hirara Lemons), but their use is not the same as you might expect from playing the newer games.

Hanny the Haniwa

There’s even a Hanny.

This game is full of dead ends and chances to make the entire game unwinnable, so naturally I expect this game to frustrate some of you and I’m pretty sure many of you will completely pass on it or drop it after a short while,
If you’re wondering why I translated this game, it’s short and it has a certain charm to it. I kinda like it, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Anyway, here’s the download link, I hope someone out there enjoys this insane game as much as I do.

As an extra challenge, try beating it without consulting a walkthrough.
It’s pretty much impossible, this game has some terrible logic in some places every location.

My only hint is that you should constantly be aware of your surroundings, and don’t be afraid to try out strange commands.
Let the mass confusion begin.

Rance 4.1 Release


Heya, it’s Maria.
Wow, it took a while, but I’m finally done with 4.1.

Now, Rance 4.1 is kind of an odd game in that it’s a 16-bit program for Windows 3.1, and when Microsoft made their 64-bit operating systems, they decided to remove support for running 16-bit programs.
So we’ve got two downloads, one for 32-bit systems and a Linux Virtual Machine for 64-bit systems.

Here are some handy instructions for ya:
Running on 32-bit operating systems: (Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit)
* Download this (includes readme)
* Extract it somewhere
* Install _inmm if you don’t already have it installed.
* Run Launcher.exe, not SYSTEM3.EXE.

Running on 64-bit operating systems:
* Download this (download readme separately because SLC forgot to include it)
* Download and install Oracle VirtualBox from
* Within VirtualBox, do “File > Import Appliance”
* Select the file “Rance41 VM.ova”

Hopefully 4.2 won’t take as long!

Kaeru nyo Panyo~n Release

CG0089Another little tiny release today. I actually translated this game way back in January, but we’ve only just got the game (mostly) working now.

Kaeru nyo Panyo~n is sort of the prototype for Widenyo. It’s a very small game text-wise, but there are quite a few paths to go down, CGs to collect, and classes to try out. It was also the first Alicesoft game where magic didn’t affect Haniwa, and has a character who may be making an appearance in an upcoming Rance game…

Here’s the patch. As always, read the readme first.

I don’t want to make any promises, but I should be getting back on track with 4.1 soon (I hope).

-Tulip Goddess Maria

P.S. Yes, the prologue is like half an hour long. Don’t click.

Rance III -Fall of Leazas- Re-release

For real this time

Hiya, Maria here.

Rance IV is coming soon(TM), but first I figured I might as well release a Not Totally Shit version of Rance III.

Only very negligable changes to the actual translation have been made, so don’t expect a wildly different reading experience this time.
I just wanted to release a fixed version of the game for people who haven’t yet played it (I’m sure there are some) and people who might want to revisit it at some point in the future (and actually be able to play a functioning version of the game this time).

Here is a list of things that have changed in this version of the release:
1. Images are now translated
2. The opening now doesn’t cut off awkwardly right before the song ends
3. Spaces have been added where they were missing before (in front of numbers)
4. The shifted dialogue should be entirely (or at least mostly) fixed
5. Mapping now works (must use double click or arrow keys to move the map)
6. Some names of characters, monsters, and spells have been changed
And most importantly
7. The Feliss bug has been fixed

Here’s the game, pre-patched again:

-Tulip Goddess Maria

P.S. Saves from the old release will NOT work with this release. Sorry!

P.P.S. Disable the “Lower CPU usage when inactive” option in Startup Settings to stop the opening from slowing down when the game isn’t the active window.